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Event Security

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Event Security

Elite Guard Security Services offers the experience and reputation to ensure that your special event is safe and secure. Hundreds of happy customers attest to our dedication to excellent customer service, comprehensive security services, and low prices. Our special event security officers are prepared to manage practically any scenario for various events, including fundraiser dinners, auctions, community events, protests, conventions, parades, festivals, film premieres, and on-location filming. Without disturbing them or diverting their attention away from the principal attractions, our guards will reassure your attendees are well taken care of. We ensure all your security needs are met regardless of the type of crowd or the size of your event. Our event security service includes crowd management, access control, visual and physical inspections, threat assessment, dispute resolution, mobile patrols, VIP escorts, traffic and parking lot enforcement, fire watch, and metal detector inspection.  


Elite Guard Security also offers the most exceptional personnel of armed security guards providing professional and elite security services. Ensure your loved ones, business or property, and self are properly protected by hiring an armed security guard. 

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Elite Guard Security Services offers an Executive Protection Bodyguards service meaning our highly trained officers will be your bodyguards. Our officers go through an intense training program to better ready themselves to protect you. All of our armed guards must be a U.S. citizen who has passed all of their firearms training courses to be able to carry a concealed weapon. This ensures that our armed guards are better equipped to keep you safe. Most of our officers are also licensed for power to arrest, CPR/first aid, pepper spray and baton to even further broaden their skill set.


Whether you need an Executive protection bodyguard to help you get from point A to point B or you need one around the clock to keep you safe and secure we have you covered. You may ask “well who needs a bodyguard?” our officers protect everyone from famous movie stars to important politicians and even individuals that just want the protection to keep them safe.



Elite guard security provides event security for small and special gatherings Whatever the size at your event, event security should subsist at the top of your right-of-way list to keep visitants and guests secure Parties, entertainment venues promotional events, and commercial meetings. You entitle it, we ’Il secure it for you. And we make it easy. Supply Courtesy Vehicle Patrol that there's existent true concern about your event, and we trust there should be something truly special about your security, too.

Elite Guard security carries out an in-depth trouble assessment before the function, advising on aspects like static to guest ratio, strategic placement, and now to best preserve the utmost Situations of safety without dampening the atmosphere Event security guards who can bring the Combination of experience,  Judgment, perceptivity, effectiveness, and professionalism that you expect and your guests deserve.

From a single uniformed guard through to a complete event staffing service, strategic planning and performance to deliver the solution required to guard attendees, other staff, and the position itself are especially important should the event be held at a private property.

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