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Loss Prevention

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Loss Prevention

Shoplifting and in store theft are serious issues that can not only affect a store’s bottom line, but can eventually put a store or retail outlet out of business if it is not properly addressed. Busy stores, especially during busy seasons like Holidays, are often overwhelmed with business and flooded with customers. As employees try and keep up with overwhelming demand, many things can go unnoticed. One of the main areas where our trained guards shine is in providing retail loss prevention services. In store theft and shoplifting are serious issues that not only affect a retail establishment’s bottom line, but that may eventually result in a warehouse, or retail outlet going out of business if the issue isn’t addressed and handled.

With Elite Guard Service you don’t have to let thieves, shoplifters or anyone else destroy your store, cost you money during the busy season, or result in you having to close your doors. By hiring Elite Guard, you can prevent direct loss. The team can help protect your store while teaching your work staff how to ensure theft doesn’t affect the business.


As the needs for asset control and retail loss prevention services continues to grow in the US, it is paramount that retail and brick & mortar property owners contract a loss prevention team with the necessary expertise to control theft and maintain positive asset control.

From loss prevention officer training and implementation to complete access control development and plan and program procurement, Elite Guard Service can help your retail business be truly protected. Call us today for a free consultation on all of your commercial, industrial, retail and niche-based security protection services in California.



Elite Guard Security Services are extensively trained to recognize suspicious conduct, respond promptly, and stop thieves in their tracks. They receive the complete training available in the business. Our officers can provide you with the protection you need to conduct business safely and successfully, ranging from general loss prevention services to complete loss prevention systems.

Using the services of a reliable security company or a guard might be advantageous in various situations. At Elite Guard Security, we’re incredibly well-versed in dealing with any circumstance that you or your company may find yourself or your company in. We can assist you with loss prevention security, which is one area of security in which we specialize. Our skilled staff provides loss prevention services, armed security guards, and unarmed security guards to clients throughout California.

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