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How to Become an Armed Security Guard

Armed Guards can help protect the safety of a company by keeping track of visitors. As a result, the company can prevent theft. This is why companies should hire an armed guard at their business. These guards also help maintain the integrity of the company's image and reputation. You can find out more information in this article. Various job opportunities If you are interested in working as an armed guard, you have a lot of options. Armed security positions can be found with private security companies, which are much like the military. Successful companies, like Elite Guard Security is known for their quality armed guards. Armed security officers must undergo training to ensure their safety. Their job requires them to constantly monitor their surroundings and maintain their equipment. Additionally, they must wear a uniform while on duty. To be hired, you need a high school diploma or GED and experience as an armed security officer. The job requires you to be responsible and loyal to your community. You must also be physically fit, able to stand for long periods of time, and be willing to work night and morning shifts. As an armed security guard, you'll protect people and assets in a variety of locations. You'll patrol a property, check in guests, and monitor surveillance equipment. You'll also be expected to respond to emergencies. Generally, armed security guards work under the supervision of a supervisor or general manager. Armed security guards often work overnight shifts. They monitor surveillance cameras and alarms to prevent intruders. They'll also be expected to maintain a sense of calm among employees and customers. Armed security guards also need to prevent unauthorized access. It's a rewarding career, and many companies are willing to help you realize it. Armed security guards can earn a competitive salary. Armed security guards are generally considered more respected than unarmed security guards. However, they do need additional training and education. Requirements Armed guards are required on certain types of cargo. These cargoes must be declared on the APOD (Airplane Personnel Documentation) or GATES/CMOS manifest. They must also be accompanied by DD Form 1907, which serves as a final delivery verification. These cargoes are highly classified and must be handled with utmost care when they arrive at an air terminal. Armed guard surveillance is required in order to protect these items. In addition, the appropriate base security agency must be notified of the armed guard requirements and a local access authorization must be presented to the aircrew member before receiving a classified shipment. Cost Armed security guards can command a higher salary than unarmed guards. They also have additional training and experience that increases their value and their pay. Often times, armed guards are ex-police officers or military personnel, which makes them more capable of identifying and avoiding threats. However, most people will not need armed guards at all times, so it may be wise to have a mix of armed and unarmed security guards. The cost of hiring an armed guard can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per month. Location can also play a role in the cost. A more populated area will usually have cheaper rates than a suburban or rural area. In addition, a densely populated area may have more demand for guards and more access to experienced ones. Lastly, the cost of hiring a security guard may be subject to state and local taxes and regulations. The cost of hiring armed guards for public schools varies greatly. In some areas, state police may provide some security at public schools. However, public schools are often required to find other solutions. Some of the best solutions are video surveillance and real-time communication between police and security guards. However, the cost of hiring armed security guards is higher than hiring a security team for public school grounds. Armed security guards are also important for shipping companies. In some cases, armed guards are retired navy officers who provide security. But there are risks associated with using uninsured volunteers. Choosing an uninsured volunteer may be cheaper if nothing bad happens. However, it could cost millions of dollars if something terrible happens. Training To become a licensed armed security guard, you will need to complete an eight-hour armed guard training course. This course covers a number of important topics that are vital for the security industry. For example, the course covers the fundamentals of self-defense and the use of limited force. It also teaches you about the responsibilities of a security guard, including detaining a person, responding to an emergency, and filing reports and route logs. Armed guards are considered a critical element of modern-day corporate security, and the right training can make all the difference. Companies such as Tomahawk Strategic Solutions, which has decades of experience in the security industry, work with clients to create custom training programs that give them an edge against modern-day threats. Tomahawk Strategic Solutions' courses emphasize deescalation techniques, emergency medicine, and critical thinking skills. They also teach armed guards to use effective communication protocols. Armed security guard training is mandatory by New York State law. The state department of state has a list of approved armed guard training courses. Successful graduates must submit a certificate of completion with their application for armed guard registration upgrade. To become a licensed armed guard, armed security officers must take a 47-hour training course at a firearms training school. This training consists of classroom instruction, range firing under supervision, and a final exam. Licensed armed security guards must complete an additional eight-hour firearms training course each year. They also must pass a rigorous background check. Armed security guards must renew their licenses every two years. Psychiatric behavior of armed guards Armed guards are subject to mental health assessments. This is a requirement set forth by the Carl Levin and Howard P. "Buck" McKeon National Defense Authorization Act, which was signed into law in 2008. A PHA requires all Guard and Reserve members to complete an annual mental health assessment. The process of determining whether a guard should receive a PBI consists of evaluating the individual's behavior using standardized questions. The questions are meant to identify risk factors and potential reasons for violence and suicide. The questions also examine whether the person is currently considering harming another person or a specific target. The military is responsible for keeping its members healthy. They are obligated to stay in good mental health and protect their fellow soldiers. The Department of Defense's privacy policies are designed to protect the privacy of mental health records in most situations. In some cases, care providers are required to disclose information to their chain of command. However, the military's confidentiality policies vary widely from branch to branch. Despite the risks and potential benefits, many school officials debate whether armed security is necessary. Psychiatric experts warn of the dangers and urge caution before making it a policy. The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in December 2013 has sparked discussions about armed security in schools

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